Custom Solar Installations

Every detail is covered by the Photon Brothers. 

Receive a complete and thorough solar installation at your home anywhere in Pueblo, Colorado. There’s a reason we are the leading local solar panel installation company in Southern Colorado.

Custom install practices include

  • Black, sleek, small panels at every home
  • Conduit in the attic for increased curb appeal
  • Custom designs to your property
  • Critter guard to protect your investment
  • Thorough walk-thru to teach you about your investment
  • Financial benefit overview
  • Friendly, professional contractors
  • And so much more!


Our team of professional solar energy consultants in Pueblo are experts when it comes to a custom design of solar panel installations. At Photon Brothers, we never do cookie-cutter installs like some of those other companies do. Every system we design and install throughout Southern Colorado is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our individual customers – both residential and commercial.

Photon Brothers provides anyone who is interested with a free, on-site evaluation that involves several different steps. Not only will a solar power and installation expert will visit your property and survey the site, they will focus on the unique needs and challenges related your space – including positioning, generation, permitting, etc. - and provide your family with extensive material to educate you on your new-found investment. We make sure to take care of our customers from every direction.

Using sophisticated software, our team in Pueblo can design the perfect system for your home, business, or lifestyle. Our production predictions are always accurate and on point – giving you peace of mind knowing that your energy needs will be met for years to come. If you are looking to invest in some custom solar panels for your Colorado home, contact our experts today. We’d be happy to get going on providing your home with eco-friendly benefits of solar energy. Call today!

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