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At Photon Brothers, our mission is to power your life through a quality solar installation at a reasonable price. In keeping with our mission, we use the highest-quality, most cost-effective solar panels available. We value our customers’ time and provide service that is friendly, professional, and hassle-free all throughout the Pueblo, Colorado area. We are committed to helping the local communities we operate and live in, as well as our planet’s environment and natural resources.

Photon Brothers is a solar energy company in Pueblo dedicated to providing you with a high quality solar installation and an amazing customer experience. We use Solaria solar panels, which are the best, and some of the most advanced and energy-efficient solar panels in the world. The company was founded by fourth generation Coloradans David & Matt Raichart, experts in the solar energy space. They believe that solar power is the best way for homeowners in Pueblo to save on their energy costs and move towards a more sustainable, Earth-friendly future.

Happy Customers
“After a bad start with the biggest competition, I did my research and found excellent reviews for Photon Brothers. Boy, was I glad! The entire process went very smoothly, no problems at all, and it was relatively fast. The only significantly slow portion was XCels net meter final install (5~6 weeks). I was able to use less panels than the big competitor, as SunPower panels are top of the line & significantly more efficient per panel (345 watts). Even though our net meter arrived mid Dec, we are already over-producing and putting back onto the grid for credits. So, I paid for less panels w/ less money and got the same sized system. The installers were absolutely great. I'd like to thank Richard the master electrician for a very thorough job on the Service Panel upgrade. Jim, the project manager has been fantastic with help and questions after the fact. The whole company really seems focused on the customer. The system comes with a master monitor which you can access via the web over wi-fi. You can see hourly daily, monthly, yearly and all-time production. You can easily see in graphs and a dashboard when you have over produced or taken from the grid. Really happy with our system.”
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